hydronic heating

Introductory paragraph.  Much like modernist homes represented a new forward-thinking way of building a home, smart phones is the technology development that pushed us all into a new and more connected way of living.  Now, in the 21st century, the next big step in progressive living puts control of the house inside your phone.



H.B. Smith Company, Inc. cast iron G100W Boiler


The Sikes family replaced the original boiler with the current one.  This is not the original boiler. It consists of cast iron sections, cast iron gas burners (suitable for natural gas) all enclosed in an insulated metal jacket and a vertical discharge draft hood.  The boiler is supplied with fuel through a gas train which provides manual gas shutoff, gas pressure regulation, automatic gas safety shut-off and automatic supervised ignition. Iron pipes circulate the water under all floors in the original structure which excludes the den and master bath.


The Draft Diverter is integral to the boiler and functions to permit the boiler to vent even against momentary down draft or blocked flue conditions.


The thermostat to control the system is in the living room on the wall next to the dining room entrance. Refer to the User’s Information Manual for instructions on how to light the pilot and operate the system.  


This system was inspected by BERICO HEATING AND AIR (336) 273-8663 on December 28, 2020.  Juan is the name of the inspecting technician. Please contact them with any questions or needs.





Mini split wall-mounted heat pumps are installed throughout the house.  There are XX individual units, all with wireless remote control. They provide energy-efficient quiet comfort (AC and Heat) without disrupting the space and are quite powerful.  The systems provide the following features:

  • Advance Filtration System:  combines a hybrid catechin deodorizing filter with an enzyme-based filter for managing allergens.  The anti-allergy filter captures offending particles, breaks them down and cleans the air as it is conditioned.

  • Hot-Start Technology:  Prevents cold drafts by delaying fan operation until the heat exchanger has warmed up.

  • Econo Cool Mode: By slowly adjusting the cooling set point and swinging the horizontal vanes, the units can improve the efficiency of cooling operations with compromising the comfort provided.

  • Dehumidification:  When in dry mode, the coil’s temperature stays just below the dew point of the return air, removing unwanted moisture.  This improves comfort and reduces the chance of mold growth and other property damage.

  • Multiple Vane Control Options:  Auto mode selects the best vane position based on operating mode, and the wing modes cycle through all positions for maximum coerage.  When wide mode is activated, fan speed increases beyond the current setting.

Every split unit ac unit is smart

These systems require a compatible outdoor condenser.

Ac units plug into a wall and download with an app.  Have these.  No wifi so not installing.